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Introducing GPSjot

Welcome to the world of GPSjot! GPSjot lets you leave digital notes anywhere in the world, attached to exact GPS coordinates. You can literally write on the world. And the possibilities are limitless... Leave your girlfriend a secret note where you first met. Attach a review to the restaurant where you just ate. Leave a flag where you parked your car. Plot a favorite hiking trail with waypoints. Create GPS-based games for your friends. Mark buried treasure. Or anything else! Best of all, GPSjot is free and works anywhere you have internet access. Start jotting today and download GPSjot for your phone.

How does it work?

GPSjot combines three amazing technologies: GPS, wireless internet, and smart phones. Using our patent-pending technology, you can write a GPSjot on your smart phone embedded with your current longitude and latitude. When you publish your GPSjot, it's sent over the internet to our database. Whenever you open GPSjot, the app will contact the database to get an updated list of all the GPSjots for your exact location. Plus, you can search GPSjots to find specific posts, browse categories, and even create GPSjots that are private or only visible to select friends. GPSjot does require internet access to work and GPS-enabled phones are recommended for optimal performance.

About the beta version.

Our first version of GPSjot is a beta. Please help to report any bugs and give your suggestions so we can make GPSjot as awesome as it can be. Our developers are working hard to get GPSjot released for additional phones and platforms. If GPSjot isn't available on your phone yet, we hope to be soon. We also have plans to build an interative website and API access to let even more people and organizations connect and interact with GPSjot. Please join us as we make GPSjot one of the most exciting new platforms on the web!

Discover the world of GPSjot...

Watch Video

Watch Video

Walking tours. Love notes. Poems. Historical information. Restaurant reviews. Lost and found. Virtual postcards. And so much more. GPSjot lets you attach your content to the world! Write whatever you want, attach it to real GPS coordinates, and leave GPSjots anywhere. GPSjot overlays a world of digital content you created onto the real world. Share, write, joke, comment, and explore the world in a new way – right from your phone. Watch the video for a glimpse of what GPSjot can do!

Attach digital notes to real places.

Hello World

As long as you have your phone and internet access, GPSjot lets you attach a digital note to any location in the world. Just use the app to write your note (as long or short as you want), choose who can read the note, and publish! Additional options let you assign categories and keywords, adjust or hide the GPS position, set an expiration date, or even make notes that are only visible by people near that actual location. GPSjot leaves it up to you: write notes about whatever you want, wherever you want – all for free.

Posts can be private for friends
or public for the whole world.

Hello World

GPSjot also has robust privacy options. You can write posts that are visible to everyone in the world, send a post to a small group of friends, or even to just one person. This lets GPSjots have many different levels of privacy, based on what you want. You can also sign your GPSjots with your username or sign them anonymously. And GPSjot also lets you have a public user profile or a private one, your choice.